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Privacy Policy - Backpack Viewer 2

Collection of Information

By using this app you agree to the collection of information required to provide the services offered. Namely, these are:

  • Your unique Steam ID
  • Your device’s unique Apple Push Notification Service identifier
  • Your Push Notification preferences, as defined in Settings -> Backpack 2 -> Push Notifications

Steam ID

The Steam ID for the account you sign in with is stored locally, and transmitted to the app’s servers:

  • When registering for the Apple Push Notification Service (below)
  • When requesting or refreshing your friends list
  • When requesting your profile state
  • When requesting your inventory for any of the supported games

Apple Push Notification Service Identifier

The Apple Push Notification Service identifier is requested on launch of the app. On iOS 8+, this is given automatically. On iOS 7, this is only given after the user consents to the system prompt to recieve push notifications.

The identifier is sent to Apple as part of the standard Apple Push Notification Service protocol, and is linked against your Steam ID.

Push Notification Preferences

If you consent to recieve user notifications (iOS 8+) or push notifications (iOS 7), your push notification preferences will be sent to the server. This consists of a the list of news feeds that you have selected to recieve notifications for.

The default is Team Fortress 2 updates and Team Fortress 2 blog posts, however other feeds are available.

This is sent to the app’s servers so you only recieve the notifications for which you have subscribed, if any.

Data Storage

All data is stored in a server located in the United State of America.