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Hello World 2.0

September 5th, 2012

I started this blog just under a year ago with the intent to post stuff related to development I was doing, but that kinda dried up after the first month or so, partly due to laziness and partly due to how annoying WordPress is, in my opinion, to write a decently-formatted post. It required me to be in a web development mood just to get everything laid out properly - for example, the old Software page took me the better part of an afternoon to perfect; rebuilding that page here took me about 5 minutes.

In Alex Eckermann’s blog reboot which pretty much inspired this one, he recommended SquareSpace as a simple but excellent platform. I’d heard of SquareSpace before from when I used to watch Hak5, but never really thought much at the time. I signed up for the free trial, and after a week of playing around with it, I’m pleased to say I couldn’t be happier both with their product and with their customer support. I’ve taken the plunge, and SquareSpace is now the new home of this blog. (You can tell by the HTML comments.)

I’ve kept the old posts, partly as reference and partly because if I put my Clang build script anywhere else I’d lose it. I’m planning on doing a bunch of posts on different things I’ve learnt in the past year as well as what I’m currently learning now, be it through University, work, or personal projects. I’m also considering linkblog-style posts to articles/pages/videos/etc., simply because when I link to content on Twitter I can never find it again - I’ve been on Twitter for about two years and the search still sucks.

Even if nobody else reads this (Hi!) it’ll still hopefully act as a diary of sorts where I can document things I’ve learnt and discovered and then find them later.

So hello again, and welcome (back).